#6 Turbines now commissioned

The turbines are now commissioned. We received our MCS certificates and applied for the Feed in Tariff last week prior to the deadline. The turbines have begun producing power at a limited rate. This will be increased as the local energy use scheme is gradually brought into service, tested and balanced with the turbines production and all safety checks are complete. We will be ramping up production as soon as we can. This is an innovative scheme and we expected a few issues to arise but our very capable technicians are getting them all steadily sorted.

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#11 2018 AGM

The 2018 AGM is confirmed for Thursday the 27th of September at 8.15pm. Full details will be sent to all members very shortly.

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#10 - 2017 AGM

The 2017 AGM is to be held on Saturday 30th September, at the Central Public hall Sellafirth, Yell. Members will receive full details directly. The AGM is again being in Yell rather than Fetlar to make attendance more accessible for members from outside Fetlar.

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